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Tried operatin' cus pimpin ain't easy.

Married to the most beautiful woman in the world. 1-504th PIR

We don’t always have the perfect lives we may often present to others. Some of us fight battles and demons that alter our lives forever. The most important thing you can do is challenge your mind and body when it is failing you.

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sheltonator24 asked: Hey man, love the blog! I was wondering, what rail do you have on your rifle? I have looked all over and can't seem to figure it out. Thanks for your service by the way!


Troy Industries VTAC Delta Rail.

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Gun Owners: *buys short barreled rifle* “My house isn’t that big and has a lot of tight spaces, I really don’t need that lengthy of a barrel to defend myself and family from intruders.

Tumblr: "Wow, a weapon that small can only be used by bad people, they’ll hide them in…

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Anonymous asked: Would a 15%-25% overbite disqualify me?


This one, i have no clue. Ask a recruiter or try some research online.

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hoplite-operator asked: Hey man, I'm headed to a recruiter tomorrow, any wise words of wisdom?


Don’t let those lying pricks handle you. If you’re going to enlist, get the best option you can and get a signing bonus. If you are not satisfied, go somewhere else and find another recruiter who will actually help. Think of it like buying a car. Also, if you can, bring a buddy who knows whats up.

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Anonymous asked: I plan to enlist in June. Would you recommend a regular 11b/x contract or an option 40 contract? I ask this because I worry that with the pending withdrawal in Afghanistan, I will never have a chance to be deployed to a combat zone, and the increased training time for RASP, etc could make that even less likely.




Everyone coming in now, read this. Your hope for a deployment is fucking gone. After Dec 31st this year, OEF changes to TAAC. Drawing down 42,000 deployed soldiers down to 9,800 and those 9,800 are higher echelon organizational level(not you).

With that being said, take the option 40 and don’t you fucking quit. Make it to regiment and train hard. If you fail RASP or get nonselected, you’ll still have went to Airborne school because its part of the opt 40 contract. Who knows, we can be going back to Iraq for all we fucking know.

18x, bro beans.

Washout rate is higher for 18x. Which means when you fail out from selection you’re coming to bragg. Get ready for that 82 inch dick to penetrate you without prejudice.

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Anonymous asked: If it were not for menstruation, would you be okay with females who passed the same PT standards as men being in the infantry?


Of course, but there are other issues that arise. SHARP will definitely happen because guys are pigs. It’ll be a lot of unwanted actions but thats part of the army’s new mission of Joint Force 20 20.

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Anonymous asked: Fair enough, fair enough. You've probably already come to the conclusion that I am a female and it's great getting honest opinions from a man in the infantry. It's really motivating to try to do infantry. I don't believe in lowering the standards by any means because of how serious the job title is. But it's fair for me to still try regardless of the end outcome. Do you respect that? Because I respect your honest opinion which basically every other man feels as well.


I do respect that. That’s another big thing I didn’t touch on. Lowering standard will only make weaker soldiers. By all means, if its a go, and if you make it, good for you. Don’t give up!

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Anonymous asked: Why does everyone hate mp's


Because they’re useless fucking pricks who think they’re above the law. And no, you’re not like Infantry.

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